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Chad Thomas - Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anja and Eric are two intrepid travelers using two bikes laden with everything they need for one year to travel all the way around the globe. Anja is an internet marketing consultant from San Diego, and Eric is Exhibit Transports own Information Technology manager. Both Eric and Anja have been  planning meticulously for two years to make this dream a possibility.

This journey will cross the European Union, touch Africa, ride down the Tibetan foot hills, span the north end of Australia, and circle around New Zealand. Already 2 months, 2 thousand kilometers and 4 countries into the adventure we catch up with Eric via a Skype chat to ask him a few questions.


Exhibit Transport: Hi Eric, how are things going on the road?


Eric: Good, we have had great weather and plenty of exciting riding lately.


Exhibit Transport: So what made the riding so good?


Eric: We have been touring through the Pyrenees north of Barcelona and the cycle paths through the mountains are wonderful, the one we are on now "Via Verde" is an old train line, so the grade is nice and mellow.


Exhibit Transport: Sounds like you and Anja are making some good progress, what is next for you guys?


Eric: We are going to push hard through the east end of the Pyranees to make our way into France. Then its through France and on to Germany.


Exhibit Transport: So why did you guys choose bikes to make this journey?


Eric: We wanted to prove to ourselves that we could make the journey on a very limited budget , and see the world in a way that most tourists would never get the chance. When we are going by bikes we are more aware of the finer details of our surroundings.

Exhibit Transport: Explain, please.


Eric: We get to see everything from a slower rate so more of the daily lives of people we pass get presented to us, more so than zipping by in a car or tour bus. We get to feel the weather, which is not always pleasant but we remind ourselves this is their climate so we embrace it as such. And the smells this is something interesting, every area has its own smell. For example some flowers only exist and bloom in particular areas and its great when we get a good dose of this. But then there are other smells too…


Exhibit Transport: Gotcha. Well how are you guys doing staying on budget?


Eric: Its tough sometimes, we are staying at 30 euros a day and we are a bit over budget. Recently we have made some good progress at getting back, but it gets tough sometimes.


Exhibit Transport: 30 euros a day?! How do you guys accomplish that?


Eric: (Laughing) We get creative with camping. Finding wilderness areas as often as possible, then when we are at a proper camp area we do all of our laundry and such to get back to a state of cleanliness.


Exhibit Transport: Well, our hats are off to you guys. I know I wouldn’t last long, you guys enjoy yourselves, stay safe and keep us updated of your progress. Ok?


Eric:  Thanks, for sure. You can see our blog to stay up to date with our travels. We have all sorts of media on there, but please be patient because sometimes we don’t have internet for long periods so we can get behind posting the masses of pictures and video we are doing.


Exhibit Transport: Sounds good, bye for now!


Eric: Cheers!


Following this conversation Exhibit Transport made a sponsorship pledge to, inspired by the human effort going into this as well as the resulting eco-friendliness of their transportation choice.  Exhibit Transport would like to encourage anyone with the will and strength to make a bike tour out of a vacation, and help keep the world cleaner and healthier.

You can keep up to date with Anja and Eric’s adventures via their blog They also have a twitter feed which will also be available on the Exhibit Transport homepage. We suggest visiting their blog frequently as it is updated often with new pictures video and live GPS tracking of their exact location.

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